Long Day's Journey To The Middle (Deluxe Edition)

by Drunken Logic

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If you should ask I'd just say I'm doing fine I'd try to laugh But mine's a Roman candle mind And I see red I see fire and brimstone smoldering in my head You'd light the fuse If you only knew My fever dreams star you and me In a world of tangled sheets But I wake up alone on another concrete floor Just to search again, wondering what for I hope it's you If you only knew Yeah, if you only knew how far I’d go I barely know you, but you haunt my highest hopes If you only knew how much I'd give Then you'd know the desperation Of a man who's still learning how to live
I'm gonna finish off this drink Then I'll get off my ass, go speak to her Man, I hope she hasn't caught My glances down her shirt And this isn't much like me I've never been the type to take a chance But I've gotta try this once While the moment lasts Would I be so bold, Oh would I be that man If I did not hold This drink in my hand? Without my liquid courage? I'm gonna finish off this drink Then I'll say I want to take her home By God, I've got this far I'm not gonna leave alone No, this isn't much like me I told her that I'm anything but smooth But then she looked me in the eye And said, "Make your move." I'm gonna finish off this drink Then I'll pick up my pen and try to write I left for home without her Though I was in no shape to drive Yeah, I’m drunk and pissed as piss ‘Cuz she told me whiskey frees your mind It's a road I know too well And taken too many times
Walk It Off 04:00
And it hit me like a ton of bricks It hit me like an unexpected fist How much I want to wake up next to you again How much I never want to feel like this Too long since I'd seen those eyes They might just bring the smile back to mine I bought my ticket, not knowing how much had changed Until I saw it on your face Now I'm asking friends for shelter from the rain Each call reminds me -- it shouldn't be this way Last night I slept three to a bed But I lay awake, clinging to this hope trapped in my head Could I still find you for a night and unpack my things? Instead, I'm brooding over beer Staring out the window, as if you might appear My life is in the duffle at my feet, and it weighs on me And Christie, this skyline seems so strange to me I don't know where I am, just where I want to be I'll walk it off until I find a place to sleep I'll walk it off 'til I don't feel the sting
The Vagabond 05:09
A girl is laying beside me Her hair hides her face I share her unfamiliar bed in this once familiar place And once upon a time I dreamed of this But I found no fairy tales within her kiss I leave in the early morning She lends me her embrace And I take an aimless stroll, I hope that I might find a trace Of a boy who dreamed he might one day fly higher I find his shoes tangled in the telephone wires I thought I knew what I was searching for But searching is all I know Someday I may come to accept that there's nothing more 'Til then, the vagabond still roams My friend fell off the wagon in a cloud of cigarette smoke You can find her up on Spruce St., in an apartment selling coke And I thought that I might try and set her free But I find that she is doing no worse than me I asked a question from years before The day I happened to wash ashore -- Is there a god for ocean-borne debris? Oh what the hell, I'll raise my glass Say a toast and knock it back 'Cuz there's no god for people like you and me I wander onto a rooftop With a bottle of rum to drink The traffic rolls on by, but its just quiet enough to think And on nights like these, you wonder who you are But I stop myself before I get too far
Dry Run Road 04:00
On Dry Run Road I can sing my sorrows, refuse to pretend But Dry Run Road It never seems to end I was raised beneath a flag at half mast Fed fairy tales of when she flew so high But I refused to pledge allegiance to the past No, I’d find a way to chase the northern lights On Dry Run Road I’m not a just vessel in a crimson river Of brake light glow These two yellow lines might not lead me to answers But I’ll come close I can sing my sorrows, refuse to pretend But Dry Run Road It never seems to end And so I tried to beat the gridlock But the riot shields were closer than they appeared I lost count of all the soldiers on the sidewalks, Of the men with their hands up, gunned down in the streets "The world’s gone mad,” the evening headlines screamed But all my instincts tell me that’s the way it’s always been A dream cannot come true until you know its just a dream Aurora’s alive In my mind, Aurora’s still alive I don’t know where or what she is But two things I know for sure: I saw a sign on an exit in Maryland, And Dry Run Road It just never seems, it just never seems to end
She sits alone in her room, the cigarettes burn Wails along with the stars, waits for her turn A twelve year old girl with unwavering faith in her best days But as she tries to pretend that she’s not twenty-four She is losing her hair, it carpets the floor And the strands of her dreams turn an unassuming shade of lifeless gray The world is so damn gray He pays a grand every month for the hole where he sleeps The welcome mat at the door is his bachelor’s degree He stoically stumbles on, but at least twice a year his back will break And then he’ll lie on his bed, stare a hole in the ceiling Glare up at the damn thing, til it starts disappearing But he won’t find the sky, just a shroud of that old, familiar gray The world is so damn gray Have your mother and father lied to you this whole time? Were the textbooks you read less reason than rhyme? You can’t recall when or why your well-travelled feet turned into clay But chasing down part-time jobs has become your profession You can blame the bad weather, chalk it up to depression And you can choose greens and blues, but the color of truth was always gray The world is so damn gray
You may blossom and your arms may spread out wide Or they may cross your chest, protecting what's inside And you can always cross your fingers But don't ever tell yourself your hands are tied Your hands aren't tied For any glimmer in your eye may fade in time That scar you wear may be a well-worn sign of wisdom And the surest course may turn on a dime Heads or tails, one side or the other You may lose your way amidst a crowd of people Or you may find yourself alone one winter day And you may search in vain for answers But don't you ever hang your head and walk away Don't walk away For the lights left on for you won't always shine The signs you read may point you in the wrong direction There will be barricades across the broadest avenues And we'll find ourselves on one side or another Yes, we'll find ourselves - on one side or another Someday you'll find warmth again beside the fire Through pain and doubt, you will learn and persevere Someday brothers will again embrace their brothers And I'll see you again on this side or the other Yes, I'll see you again, on this side or the other
Real Ppl 04:10
Real people have real lives Pay the mortgage with a steady 9-5 They have a space to park their cars Meet their friends on weeknights at their favorite bars And real people drop their anchors down The seas may change, but they'll still be around Well I can't tell you where I'll be Come September, when I have lost my lease Saving boxes, might move again I'm somewhere else before I know where I have been And I can lie down on any floor, on any floor Twist myself still like I've done before 'Til I just can't stay awake anymore Shadows under half-shut eyes just don't make for an even keel I'm sailing blind, and half the time all I want to be is real My friend moved in to his new place All his worries and other things still packed away We drank cheap beer and laughed all night Didn't notice when tomorrow became today Real people Someday we'll be, someday we'll be Real people Someday we'll be As real as we care to be
The preacher sugarcoats the past in prayer The politician sold tomorrow for a chair No, they don’t recognize the turning skies Content to stall and play connect the dots on the horizon Seeing what they want to see But never have they seen the forest for the trees I'm the boy who's searching for salvation Lumped in with his generation, guilt-tripped by association On this night alive with stars I’ve found that constellations won't tell you who you are Oh, sweet epiphany Set me afire, set me free Black and white, right and wrong We've held these truths to be self-evident But now I see They're made up as we go along This is where you lie when you are cursed When you have fled the fire, but there's no room up above The professor thinks I'm spoiled by the sun While the anchorwoman says, "We don't know times won't get worse" It makes my blood run cold The lies that we've been told, this life that we've been sold And I believe that heaven Is always going to depend on where the hell you started from Where you started from Where you started from Where you started from


The deluxe edition of Drunken Logic's second album, Long Day's Journey To The Middle! Featuring demos and alternate versions of songs from the album.


released April 14, 2015

The Sheriff "Austin" Wells - Lead Electric Guitar, Vocals
Alex "Doubt It" Trevino - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Ryan "Do You Know How Recording Works?" Jordan - Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Piano on "Gray," Vocals
Jake "For The Record" Cassman - Vocals, Piano, Organ
Drummer "Alex McGillivray" - Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Lyrics by Jake, Music by Drunken Logic ("Roman Candle Mind" Developed by Jake & Austin, "This Side or the Other" written by Jake Cassman)

Additional Vocals on "Gray" by Rocio del Mar

Engineered by Vinnie "The One Who Knocks" Prezioso

Mixed by Tommy "This Is Why My Name Comes First" Iannello

Mastered by John Naclerio and Nada Recording

Produced by Vinnie, Tommy and Drunken Logic

Tracked at Maximum Sound in Danvers, MA. Additional recording done in Vinnie's room, Tommy's garage and at Chillhouse Studios in Charlestown, MA.

Cover photos by Brad Bahner

Design by Madeline Jacobson and Jake Cassman

Special Thanks to Explo at Yale, the Red Room, Harvard RAP, Faneuil Hall, Ralph Jaccodine, Will Holland, Gary Cioffi, and all our family, friends and fans.




Drunken Logic Los Angeles, California

Songs that made sense at the time.

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